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Osteosine® Ultimate Bone Growth + Support + Builder

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Osteosine® Ultimate Bone Growth + Support + Builder

Osteosine is a proprietary all-natural plant-derived bone health nutraceutical complex developed by NuLiv Science. Osteosine has shown in NuLiv’s one in-vitro and two in-vivo studies to:

  • Increase bone mineral density by 8 ~ 10%* 
  • Increase bone ash weight, calcium and phosphate content by 3 ~ 5%* 
  • Increase average surface area and width of trabecula* 
  • Increase osteoblasts by 20%*  

Research Summary

Osteoblasts build new bone tissue and osteoclasts remove old bone tissue by removing its mineralized matrix and breaking up the organic bone (organic dry weight is 90% collagen). In NuLiv’s in-vitro study, Osteosine has shown to increase the osteoblasts, a mononucleate cell, by 20%.* More osteoblasts build more new bone tissue to replace lost old bone tissue. These observations were validated through biomarkers such as ALP, IL-1, IL-6, OPG, RANK, that have been associated with their presence and activities (5).

In NuLiv’s two in-vivo studies, the PO (post-ovariectomized) and the RA models (Retinoic Acid Induced), Osteosine has shown to increase serum calcium, serum tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase, serum osteocalcin, bone alkaline phosphatase, bone ash, bone calcium, bone phosphorus contents in the treatment versus the control groups.* More importantly, the structural strength of bone that is critical for bone’s ability to withstand fracture, the trabecula surface, average surface percent and weight of trabecula, were also improved (6).*

NuLiv has received over a dozen DEXA lab reports in the past years from customers who have purchased and taken Osteosine™ and sent in these reports as a requirement to receive free Osteosine product described in NuLiv’s incentive program. This Osteosine contains the Osteosine with small amounts of minerals and vitamin D3 and K2 added.


Even though the results are not from a controlled human clinical trial, it may be reasonable to suggest that the lifestyle, diet, supplement, and physical activities are about or approximately the same before, during, and after the Osteosine supplementation periods. That is to say, the subjects who voluntarily offered their lab reports stayed with the same diet, taken about the same amount of calcium and vitamin D3, and engaged in the same level of physical activities, that included walking and weight-bearing exercises.

Ultimate Bone Growth + Support + Builder.

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*Always consult with your Doctor before taking any Supplements.FDA advises consumers to talk to their doctor, pharmacist, or other health care professional before deciding to use a dietary supplement.

Note: At Avani Health all our Products meet the recommended Manufactures daily dosage. Don't be fooled by others who do not adhere to these recommendations. Save your money, do your research! 


$27.98 $39.99

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