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What is Avani?

Avani means “Earth”

We are a brand that truly embrace the full meaning of our beautiful name. The Sanskrit word Avani dates back over 5,000 years ago to ancient India and translates to “Mother Earth”.  Our Brand “Avani Botanicals” is 100% plant based, vegan safe, gluten free, non gmo and pesticide free. Our products are manufactured in a GMP NSF facility here in the United States that is held to the highest regulatory safety standards in the industry and every single one of our ingredients are patent protected, trademark registered and backed by over 100 clinical studies!

If the supplements in your cabinet are not using high quality branded ingredients like ours ask yourself why? Could it be because they are 200-300% more expensive? For Profit Corporations selling on Amazon and in retail stores care about one thing and it surely is not your health. Take one guess...profit margin. They will squeeze money everywhere they can including in the quality of ingredients and quantities used in formulas. This is often why you will see "proprietary blend" in the supplement facts. Next time take notice if they tell you how much of each ingredient is in the blend or if its just a bunch of ingredients in parenthesis and one total dosage in mg. 

This is how they stuff ingredients into the supplement facts panel but will use very little of the expensive ones and fill the rest of the formula with the cheaper less effective ingredients. Its been happening for years and 9/10 average consumers have had no idea you have been being ripped off for all these years. Once you learn how to read the supplement facts of any food or health supplements you are using you will soon be able to determine a quality for health product from an ineffective for profit product.



The Michael Seyglinski Foundation

The Michael Seyglinski Foundation is a non-profit organization started by the founders of the Avani brand and is focused on early awareness and drug abuse education and support for parents of troubled children. We have learned from our experience that catching this disease in its early stages is critical to maintain hope for emerging from this life-long struggle with a positive end result. Since 2019 we have learned to live our lives as our beloved Michael “One day at a time.”



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